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Time to be

unapologetically you!

Be strong, be brave, be unapologetic, be whoever you want to be! No matter what’s your flow, with Be Me, there is only smooth sailing.


Who is Be Me?

India’s first-ever menstrual hygiene brand that offers naturally-sourced and biodegradable period essentials. In other words, we are a holistic period care brand that works on modern period care solutions that are ethical and organic to ensure you get the best. Engineered with immense research, Be Me has your back in all those planned moments and the sudden surprises that life and our periods throw our way!

It’s time to archive the old brown bag, we are here to re-invent period care!

The Built

Scientifically proven to be superior, our pads are made with the latest technology. Elemental Chlorine-free wood pulp-based SAP Paper, Corn & Bamboo Fiber Fabric, Oxo-Biodegradable Polyethylene, Bamboo Based Fabric.

The Packaging

Along with addressing period care, we also look at the environmental and societal impact our product has. Our packaging is discreet, cute and designed keeping in mind our values. Each of our pads in the box also has its own organic and biodegradable paper disposable pouch.

Variety Pack

We know it’s difficult to determine your flow every month. Some months we aren’t in the groove and some months, our flow is so heavy that it takes us by surprise. With Be Me’s variety back, you can get a range of light to heavy flow pads. Why stress over choice when you can have it all for the same price! .

Extra Step

We know how difficult it is to keep track of our dates, even with period trackers. With Be Me, you get a personalised reminder before your next period to ensure that you are prepared to welcome your next period!