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101 Guide to Dealing with Periods This Summer

101 Guide to Dealing with Periods This Summer

If summer is a party, periods have to be the ultimate party pooper. Come on, we all love summers because of cool pool parties, cute & comfy dresses, and tunes to summer love songs... but all that comes down to cooping inside a blanket when periods join the summer party.

But there should be a way to enjoy summers without worrying about periods, right?

Absolutely, sunshine! It's 2024, and trust us, you don't need another AI to help you with it. Think of this as your guide to choosing outfits that won't betray you, conquering workouts even with cramps, and diving into the pool without a second thought. It's time to say goodbye to leaks and hello to endless summer fun!

Here's How You Can Deal with Periods This Summer

Make an Ambush in Your WARdrobe

Friendship ended with uncomfortable fabric – now cotton & linen are my new best friends: Cotton and linen let your skin breathe, minimizing sweat and irritation. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine, so choose wisely! Avoid clingy synthetics that trap heat. Flowy dresses, breezy skirts, and wide-leg pants are your summer saviors.

Here's How You Can Deal with Periods This Summer

With a great choice in innerwear comes great comfort:

Ever heard about period panties? Period panties are just like your everyday underwear made of breathable fabric, but they provide an extra layer of protection and prevent leaks. Choose the right absorbency for your flow and feel secure all day long, avoiding the hassle of pads, tampons, cups, & liners.

Slay Workouts to Slay Cramps to Slay Summers:

Remember your mom advising you to wake up early to solve all problems? Well, it's true to life! Breezy morning walks and refreshing yoga flows can ease cramps. But if you want to beat cramps during workouts, you can opt for a cramp comfort massager too.

Slay Workouts to Slay Cramps to Slay Summers

Hail HYDRAtion:

Combat bloat and stay energized by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Or you can choose to eat fresh fruits that contain water like watermelon, muskmelon, orange, etc.

Own Your Swim Like You Own Your Flow

Period Swimwear: The Ultimate Solution: For those wanting extra peace of mind, swimwear during periods offers complete leak protection, letting you focus on having fun. Shower before and after swimming, and change your period swimwear frequently to maintain good vaginal health.

Own Your Swim Like You Own Your Flow

At the End

Change the summertime sadness to summertime madness! Choose a comfy wardrobe, opt for period panties, conquer those cramps with a massager and easy workouts, and let your true self shine brighter than the sun – period or not!