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Yes, Be Me is a homegrown Indian label.

Be Me is India’s first-ever menstrual hygiene brand that offers eco-conscious period care products.

We Are Organic-Certified & Sterilized

The BIS certification is required for all medical products, including sanitary pads. Hence, our certification allows us to meet Indian standards and makes it possible to provide safe and reliable products to our customers.

BIS 5405:2019

FDA Approved

GMP Certified

ISO 13485--certified

ISO 14001-2015-certified

Yes, our packaging is designed to be sustainable, using eco-friendly materials to minimize environmental impact.

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Yes, you can change your shipping address before the order is dispatched. That usually happens within a day but for a seamless change of address, we recommend doing so within 90 minutes of placing the order.

If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so before your order has been dispatched. we generally dispatch orders within 1-2 days, for a seamless cancellation, we recommend doing so within 90 minutes of placing the order.

To cancel, drop us an email at with the subject “CANCEL MY ORDER”. Alternatively, you can reach us at +917568901934

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No, we cannot allow shipping different items within a single order to different shipping addresses. Instead, we recommend placing separate orders for items that need to be shipped to different addresses.

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Yes, shopping online with a credit card is completely safe.

We accept both prepaid and cash-on-delivery (COD) payment methods. This gives you flexibility in choosing the payment option that suits you best.

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Detailed care instructions for our products can be found on their respective pages. We encourage you to review the care guide thoroughly, and should you have any uncertainties or questions, we warmly invite you to contact us at your convenience.

Size charts are available on the product pages.

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Yes, we offer a gift wrapping service for our products.

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Yes! It’s non-disposable - just like your regular underwear, so unlike tampons and pads, it won’t sit on a landfill for the next five hundred years. Also what’s good for the Planet, is good for you. Though we can’t scientifically say it, many customers say they have experienced less cramps and a much happier flow. Go ahead. Try it and see.

Absolutely. We knew the biggest barrier to people trying Period panty would be a fear of leaking, so we purposefully designed Period to be seamless super absorbent. Bring it on Day 1 (but easy on the cramps)!

Yes, Be Me is designed to be worn just like your normal panties.

Please do! A lot of stuff comes out both during and after your pregnancy. A lot of our customers rely on us for support during their Postpartum experiences.

Our period-absorbing panty styles range in absorbency levels, from lightest to super, so there is a pair for every phase of your flow! Our light and lightest absorbencies are great for spotting and days at the end of your period. For some, our moderate absorbency styles can be a replacement for disposable period products, and for others, they can be a backup to tampons or menstrual cups on heavier days. Heavy and super styles can completely replace other period products and can also be great for overnight use!

Every flow is different! You can wear Be Me panties for periods for as long as your flow allows. The absorbency style also plays a factor, as some panty styles are more absorbent than others.

After you’ve worn your period panties, rinse them with water.

You’ll see some blood come out, but it’s okay - it’s your blood.

Throw in the laundry bag until laundry day.

Or rub them with some soap, hand wash them, and hang them up to dry or low tumble dry.

Or… if you don’t feel like rinsing in the basin under water, you can either rinse them in the shower with you or throw them straight into the laundry with everything else.

The drying time of our period-absorbing panty depends on the style — moderate absorbency styles shouldn’t take longer than 10-12 hours to dry, and super absorbency styles shouldn’t take longer than 19 hours to dry under non-humid conditions. Drying times may be affected by humidity levels and the airflow of the space you hang them in.

Yep! Washing our leak-absorbing panty with your other laundry is perfectly hygienic, and your other clothes will be fine. Washing machines will dilute the contents almost immediately, and your other clothes will not stain if you're washing on cold.

Follow our simple care instructions to keep your period-absorbing panty at maximum performance. reusable for up to 150 washes.

Getting familiar with period products before you need them is a great idea! Wearing Be Me before getting your period can ensure you have the correct size and style to fit your needs.

We make 100% safe and thoughtful period solutions for every Be Me Woman. No compromises and no shortcuts. Every single thing we do has YOU at the heart of it. Take our sanitary pads, for instance. The softest top layer, wider back, super-fast absorption, etc. are some of the features that make our sanitary pads must-haves for your flow. The credit also goes to our design team which is constantly innovating and implementing so that you always experience a safe and comfortable monthly cycle.

Be Me offers the comfort of softness without compromising on dryness. The soft cottony top layer of Be Me pads provides an irritation-free experience while the multi-layered design provides improved absorption, thus keeping the surface dry. We are also ISO 14001-2015 certified. This is a certification that enhances our environmental performance and makes our products eco-friendly as well.

Definitely! The top layer of the Be Me pad is made with only natural products making the pad rash-free. The anion fabric layer is made of a negatively charged fabric that prevents the development of bacteria ensuring a no-rash experience. The pad has no colour or chemicals. The pads are dermatologically tested and meet all safety standards. We hope you experience a rash-free period with Be Me. However, we recommend that you check with your gynecologist which pads will best suit your skin.

Be Me sanitary pads have a 50% wider back as compared to other ultra-thin XL pads on the market. They also have extra wings at the back end of the pad to ensure it is leakage-free. These pads also provide more comfort and protection during the night so that you can sleep without worry.

Our pads are 100% toxin-free, rash-free, fragrance-free, and chlorine-free.

Absolutely! Be Me pads are manufactured in Jaipur and certified by accredited laboratories in India.

It is clinically recommended that you change your sanitary pads at least once every 6-8 hours.

Each Be Me pad comes in an individual paper disposal cover with a resealable flap. After use, place the pad into the disposal cover, seal the flap and discard it in a bin.

Yes, Be Me sanitary pads expire 2 years post the manufacturing date.

Yes! Be Me pads are made adhering to the finest standards! Be Me pads are ISO certified, chlorine-free, paraben free, have no dioxins, are unscented and absolutely safe to use. The top layer of the Be Me pad is made with only natural products making the pad rash-free. The pad has no colour or chemicals. The pads are dermatologically tested and meet all safety standards.

Be Me’s XL pad is the largest of the size we offer. Its measurements are 330MM. Since the postpartum flow is exponentially heavier than period flow, you might need a larger pad. We recommend you check with your gynecologist to understand which size would suit you.

Be Me offers a variety pack with three sizes, regular, large and extra-large. This is perfect for people who don’t know what size will suit them or have irregular menstruation. Once you understand which size works for you, you can order that specific size or you can continue to buy the variety pack which comes with all sizes to suit your flow.

The choice of Heavy, Medium, and Light Flow pads on different days is specific to your flow pattern. However, our suggestions are listed below:

Extra Large (XL) Pads are the largest of our pads and can be used during your heavy flow. They are 330 mm in length, come with wider backs, and are best suited for days when the flow is at its maximum, typically the first two days of your period.

Large (L) Pads are mid-sized pads - 285 mm in length, with wider backs, and best suited for days when your flow begins to reduce, typically on Days 2, 3, and 4.

Regular (R) Pads are smaller in size. They are 245 mm in length and can be used on the last few days of the periods when your flow is at its minimum level.

Be Me’s XL pad is the largest of the size we offer. Its measurements are 330MM and are comparable to standard XL pads available in the market. If you require a pad larger than XL than Be Me’s XL pads may not be the most suitable.

We care about your health and safety, and we want to put your mind at ease. Some of the actions we took during COVID-19 and still take include:

1. A UV steriliser is used to treat the sanitary pads after they arrive at our warehouse. This makes sure that any potential germs on the pads are eliminated right away.

2. During this procedure, our warehouse staff members ensure to wear white gloves and masks.

3. Hand sanitisers have been provided, and frequent hand washing has been encouraged. The body temperature of everyone entering the building is taken post which they are allowed into the premise.

4. We raise awareness and encourage self-hygiene by holding periodic safety sessions.

5. The premise and the warehouse are regularly cleaned and sanitized

The heating pad can provide 80-90 minutes of continuous heat therapy on a full charge.

Yes, the heating pad is designed with an automatic shut-off feature. It will turn off within 30 minutes if it detects no movement, ensuring your safety and preventing overheating.

Yes, the heating pad offers three adjustable temperature settings (50/55/60°C). You can choose the temperature that suits your comfort level and needs.

Absolutely! The waistband of our heating pad is adjustable and can accommodate waist sizes up to 56 inches, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for everyone.

While it is primarily designed for the waist, you can also use the heating pad on other areas of your body, such as the lower back, abdomen, or thighs, to help relieve muscle tension and discomfort.

The estimated delivery date for the product is typically between 4 to 5 days. However, for the most precise delivery date, we recommend referring to the delivery duration input feature available on the product page.

To charge your device, please follow these instructions:

  • Connect the device to the charger and allow it to charge for a minimum of 3-4 hours.
  • The red indicator light will be blinking during the charging process and will stop once the device is fully charged.
  • The device is equipped with an auto power cut-off feature, enabling you to safely charge it overnight without any concerns.
  • Upon completing the charging process, your device will be ready to use and provide you with a battery backup of up to 80-90 minutes

Yes. For your safety, please consult your doctor before using the device if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Coronary heart disease or other heart conditions
  • Unhealed skin wounds or skin abnormalities
  • Gout (during a flare-up or if you haven't fully recovered)
  • Pregnancy
  • Uterine fibroids