3 SHOCKING Myths About Sanitary Pads

If you've been reading Be Me blogs for a while, you'll know that we're tremendously vocal about menstruation and sanitary pads.

However, if there's one thing we haven't addressed yet, it's the myths about sanitary pads that continue to paint the period essentials in an unattainable and unapproachable light.

But all that ends NOW when you read through three (absurd!) sanitary pads myths! We suggest that you not only read them but share this blog by Be Me with loved ones to demystify sanitary pads completely.


1. Pads are only for women

To reiterate, menstruation is not a "womanly problem", it's a universal issue that needs to be addressed with reverence. However, this sentiment goes down the drain the second we associate periods with women only.

DID YOU KNOW that menstruation doesn't have anything to do with gender at all, since non-binary and agender people also menstruate?


2. One for all, all for one

Everybody is unique so it's natural to believe that their menstrual cycles are, too. Many factors such as age, lifestyle, diet, and other factors may impact everyone's flow. The subtle difference could be observed on a day-to-day basis or from cycle to cycle.

When you use only one size throughout your flow, you risk major leakage. Because, imagine using a regular-sized pad for your heavy flow on the first and second days of your period. You're bound to leak away! That's why it's better to switch to different sanitary pad sizes like L and XL that also align with your menstrual cycle the most.


3. Cloth > Sanitary pads

School girls from rural India have been known to cut cotton pieces from their dresses and use them as make-shift sanitary pads! To make matters worse, they wash, reuse them and even share them with their sisters.

Also, in the underdeveloped parts of India, there are still many mothers who think that sanitary pads are laced with a myriad of chemicals and that's why they don't allow their daughters anywhere near them.

Furthermore, while some rural women used sanitary pads, they didn't have adequate information about them, resulting in wearing them for too long.

The thing is, what sanitary pads can do, cloth cannot. The former absorbs and retains menstrual fluid masterfully. Sanitary pads stay in place, unlike any piece of cloth, and are highly comfortable to wear! Especially Be Me sanitary pads, as they have a wider back so that there's no chance of bunching up.