5 tips to ensure menstrual hygiene

While it’s true that our monthly flow brings with it a barrage of symptoms such as cramps, bloating, etc., it also increases the probability of being unhygienic.

Truth be told, we may try our best but sometimes, things get REALLY messy down there. So, what are some menstrual hygiene tips that Team Be Me swears by?

Keep reading and you’ll find out.

1. Change your sanitary pad frequently


Your period is hard to forget as it is so it should be easy to get rid of your used pad every four to eight hours.

Of course, this is a general time range because a lot rides on your flow, the type of pad you use, and what feels most comfortable.

We suggest changing the pad after a fixed time because NOT doing so can lead to urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, and skin rashes.

This is one of the simplest and easily-doable tips you can implement to keep irritation and infection at bay.

2. Keep your vagina clean


Yes, your vagina is a self-cleaning organ but it can use all the help it can get.

For instance, it is strongly advised that you wash it from front to back and not the other way around. Because this ‘other way around’ or ‘back to front’ way may lead to transmission of the bacteria from the anus into the vagina or urethra opening.

3. Dispose of the sanitary pad properly


Our mothers have ingrained this tip into our brains-“If you dispose of your sanitary pads incorrectly, there is a high chance that this may result in the spreading of bacteria and infection.”

They are absolutely right! Not only should you wash your hands with soap and water after the disposal but you should also indulge in environmentally-sensitive paper pouch period packaging by Be Me!

4. Take a shower thoroughly


When we say that you ought to clean yourself from head to toe, we really, truly mean it, regardless of whether you’re on your period or not.

While soaps are strictly forbidden in your intimate area, you can clean up gently and get rid of that unpleasant smell emanating from your private parts during your period.

5. Try to avoid a period rash


Reasons for a period rash can range from a heavy flow, the plasticity of the pads, and low-quality pad lining.

With Be Me, you don’t get any of this because we deal in ultra-soft extra-large (XL) pads that can support your flow with ease.

Will you include these tips for menstrual hygiene in your cycle or have you already been following them for a while? Let us know via our Instagram DMs by tapping here.

Stay hygienic, and stay safe!