5 Types Of Exercises You Can Do On Your Period

Be warned. Because we're about to drop a truth bomb in the next sentence: we ALL feel lazy during our periods! Yep, we said it and there's no going back.

But what we may not realize is that when our energy and physical activity are low, we should actually be exercising!

Exercise has proven to lessen many symptoms associated with your monthly flow. Some of them are abdominal cramps, upset stomach, headaches, bloating, mood swings, etc. Plus, exercise always leads to the release of endorphins, better known as 'feel-good hormones' so what's the harm, right?

Without further ado, we are sharing five exercises you can do during your period to help it pass by more smoothly.


5 Types Of Exercises You Can Do On Your Period.

Imagine doing breathing and stretching exercises while overlooking the sunrise. Doesn't that sound blissful?

There is a variety of Yoga poses proven to improve blood circulation and reduce symptoms of cramps and bloating.

Here are three Yoga poses to do during your period:

i. COBRA POSE: Lie face down with your feet and legs together. With your hands under your shoulders, push up without moving your legs. Hold the pose for several seconds (30-60) or as long as you can handle. Make sure to take deep breaths while holding the pose. Lie flat when you're done and breathe deeply. Repeat only until you are comfortable doing so.

ii. CAT TO COW POSE: Get on your hands and knees, and support your weight with hands at about shoulder-width apart. Take a deep breath and push your tummy toward the ground. Then, stretch your head while you push. Gently exhale while stretching your back the opposite way and curve it inward. Repeat as often as you can while breathing slowly.

iii. FISH POSE: Take a pillow and lay it lengthwise on the floor. Lie on it with your head, neck, and back. Keep your arms out and away from your body comfortably. Lay in this pose for as long as you can. If you experience pain in the lower back, keep your knees up on flat feet.


5 Types Of Exercises You Can Do On Your Period.

Since Pilate moves are target-specific muscle groups, you can curate a workout that suits your liking.

Pilates also helps to build your core strength, which not only benefits us in the long run but also reduces the severity of our cramps.


5 Types Of Exercises You Can Do On Your Period.

Light weight lifting at home sounds easy, no? You don't even have to head to the gym, in that case.

If you're a beginner in terms of weight lifting, we suggest that you start your workout by lifting water bottles to build up muscle flexibility and strength.


5 Types Of Exercises You Can Do On Your Period.

We completely understand if doing other types of exercises sounds like a pain...while you're in pain during your period!

So, the tamer option is to do a handful of stretches at home and take deep breaths in fresh air to relax your muscles as well as to calm your mind.


5 Types Of Exercises You Can Do On Your Period.

Ah, if you're a dancer or someone who loves dancing, then you might say that we saved the best type of period exercise for the last!

This mood-lifting and calorie-burning type of exercise is what you'll look forward to the next time you feel irritable and bloated. Simply sway to the beats of your favorite song and dance this rather uncomfortable time away.

So, next time you experience PMS in full force or unreasonable amounts of fatigue, you know which Be Me blog to read.

P.S. Don't force your body to exercise. Listen to it and never forget to be unapologetically yourself.