Deconstructing the construction of our pads

If you’ve been a loyal reader of Be Me blogs until now, we’re certain that you’ve also become familiarized with what we offer and what our core values are.

You’re also well aware of how our menstrual hygiene products can shape the future of environmental-friendly menstruation and its waste disposal.

However, do you know exactly what Be Me sanitary pads are made of? If not, you’re about to find out!

1. ANION Fabric Layer


This is a negatively charged fabric i.e upon coming in contact with moisture, the layer releases ions that are responsible for preventing the development of bacteria and rashes.

2. Absorbent Layer


This layer features a customized SAP paper that converts liquid into gel, thereby eliminating that much-familiar and highly-detested “wet” feeling. It also prevents leakages. Hence, we say that our sanitary pads are your best buddies during nighttime as well.

P.S. SAP is short for Superabsorbent polymers. They are a material that can absorb up to 300 times their weight in aqueous fluids. Once they absorb something, they do not release it subsequently.

3. Acquisition Layer


Perhaps the kind of layer that drastically changes the narrative around female hygiene products. It has been crafted from corn and bamboo fiber, making it a delight for the environment and you, of course!

The porous structure of this layer also ensures a soft and dry feel.

As you can tell, we have tried our best to help you avoid that ghastly wetness during your monthly flow.

4. Distribution Layer


The purpose of this layer is to distribute the fluid longitudinally so that it spreads equally to the lower layers.

This layer is one of the reasons why you should choose Be Me if you’ve been on the lookout for thoughtfully-designed sanitary napkins.

5. Barrier Sheet


What happens when there’s a liquid-impervious membrane in your pad? No fluid leakage, that’s what!

The conclusion is that the above-mentioned layers combine to create a hygiene product for females that not only ensures that women remain worry-free on their period but the environment also benefits in the process.

Furthermore, this blog aims to bare it all about our sanitary napkins because we have NOTHING to hide. We’re as transparent as possible in the hopes that you know everything about a female hygiene product that you use for such an intimate body part.

Thanks for reading. We hope you can now buy our sanitary pads after knowing everything about them. Speaking of buying, click here to shop.