Four Times Women Have Had To Feel Awkward About Having Their Period And Why This Needs To Stop NOW

You’re not alone, you know. Not just in this world but also when you menstruate. There are thousands of women menstruating right now, thousands will menstruate tomorrow and another thousand will expect their menstruation cycle to begin soon. You get the gist, right?

The reason why we started this blog with these rhetoric questions is that we want to be done with the notion that menstruation is socially unacceptable and that getting your period in a public place is “embarrassing”.

Because news flash – it’s not!

Since our childhood, many of us have been conditioned to believe that words like “period” and “sanitary pads” are words best whispered, instead of yelled.

But Be Me is here to turn that timid whisper into a loud yell. WE ARE ON OUR PERIOD AND WE ARE PROUD OF IT!

And we want you to feel just as proud of this extremely natural process that your body goes through every month.

So, we’re counting down four instances in which women have had to feel uncomfortable having their period and why that shouldn’t be the case.

1. Asking for a pad


Whether you’re at a restaurant or in a ladies’ room, asking a fellow menstruator (yep, that’s a real word!) shouldn’t be embarrassing. In fact, you should just walk up to them and ask for it in a normal tone of voice, instead of lacing the request in a hushed tone.

2. Letting someone know that you're on period


It's true that our period brings forth feelings of uneasiness, nausea, etc.

So, if you ever feel down due to your period, JUST OWN UP AND SAY IT. Out loud. It doesn’t matter if you’re saying it to a guy friend or a male HR at your office.

3. Buying sanitary pads


Don’t even get us started on the whole ‘getting your pads in a black polythene bag’ situation!

If we can get our medicines in transparent bags, then why not our pads? They are just as helpful!

Next time your chemist is scuffling around, trying to find the best bag that conceals the fact that you just bought sanitary pads, tell them-“Hey, it's okay if you give them to me in a transparent bag.” That should save up both of your time too!

In fact, when it comes to Be Me Packaging, you don’t even need a transparent bag as our sanitary pads are packaged in the most aesthetically-pleasing boxes! CLICK HERE and have a look.

4. Bleeeding through your cloths


Oh, the mortification, the drama, the ‘my life is over’ moment – all of this is often associated with bleeding through your clothes whilst on your period.

However, why should it? Sometimes, life gets in the way of safely tucking a sanitary pad in your handbag and that’s completely fine.

Of course, we would want you to keep a Be Me sanitary pad with you at all times but we also understand that it may not always be possible.

So, don’t worry! Play cool if this ever happens.

The bottom line is, that having your period is as natural as the rising and setting of the Sun. Hence, it shouldn’t illicit feelings of shame or embarrassment within you. We wish that you feel empowered on your period and feel the need to tell the world that it needs a reality check from a bold menstruating woman like you.