How can you be yourself with Be Me?

In the age of Instagram self-help cults and inspiring life coaches, we’re stuck between learning to love ourselves and finding crafty ways to become our best versions.

However, the bitter truth is – it takes time. Self-love and perfectionism are processes that are a combination of external factors and internal feelings.

Both create turmoil within us, and in no time, we start questioning who we are and who we want to be.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you CAN NEVER be your true self. This also doesn’t mean that you must be a self-loving perfectionist ALL the time.

You can start by embracing your flaws and feeling okay about them.

To reiterate, realising who you are is a journey that takes time, reflection, and in many instances – Be Me, Woman!

Consider this blog to be like a gentle nudge in the ideal direction from us instead of a forceful push into the “right” one.

Read on to know how you can become unapologetically yourself with us!

1. Our tagline…


…which is “Unapologetically Me” is a constant reminder to be who you want to be, without guilt, embarrassment or inhibitions.

When we came up with this tagline, our thoughts swirled around the concept of “Let me be the way I am.”

We also wanted the word “be” to become synonymous with our brand, our ethos, and our principles.

With our sanitary products, we want you to BE strong, BE safe, and not to forget, BE unapologetic.

You can achieve all of this with empowering and sustainable period care solutions like period panties, tampons, organic sanitary pads, etc.

2. Don’t care what society thinks.


Yep, we’re just being honest with you.

For us, gone are the days when we feel shy whilst announcing in a public place that we got our period or scurry away at the thought of discussing menstruation with a male.

You see, we come from a space that is filled to the brim with empowered females who wish to normalize menstruation as soon as possible.

3. Join our Be Me Community!


This is where your ideas become actions.

To become an unapologetic version of yourself, you are always welcome to join a close-knit, diverse community of Be Me Women who have already become comfortable in their skins, owned their true selves and accepted their imperfections gracefully.

Become a member by following our Instagram page. That way, you’ll be able to keep track of all the new and timeless Be Me Women that are a part of our community.

We know it won’t happen overnight. However, we sincerely hope that with this blog and many more to come, you champion feelings of love, transparency, and purpose with us and within yourself.