Let's Bust 3 Period Myths Together!

As we were growing up, we came across quite a few myths about menstruation. Some that made us laugh out loud. Some that made us cringe. And, some that made us question the mindset of the society we lived in.

However, we have gotten older and if there is one life lesson that Be Me has taught us (and you, we hope) is that periods help to embrace one's true sense of self unapologetically, unabashedly, and uninhibitedly.

So, it's time for a REALITY CHECK if you or a loved one has always believed any of the three Period myths listed below.

Let's Bust 3 Period Myths Together!

1. Period pain is "normal" or "not a big dea"

Sorry but it's so much more than that.

Sometimes, the pain gets so worse that we have to stop whatever we're doing and lay in bed, praying that the Period Gods take away our cramps for good.

Dysmenorrhea or intense cramps are so real that they affect at least 20% of women during which they have reported feeling unfocused, anxious, and unpleasant.

Let's Bust 3 Period Myths Together!

2. Our feelings are all over the place during our period

There's literal physical change occurring in our bodies before, during, and after our periods! It's natural that this change would show on the outside, don't you think?

When estrogen levels plummet, progesterone levels rise.

The lack of estrogen means there is a lack of serotonin, more commonly known as the "happy hormone". Whereas, progesterone is linked to that part of the brain which is related to fear, anxiety, and depression.

It's safe to say that mood changes caused by hormones are real and should be tackled using love, patience, and support every month.

Let's Bust 3 Period Myths Together!

3. Only women get periods

This is not true at all. Since every woman is different, it is possible that she may not even get her period in the first place.

And, every female who gets her period may not even classify as a woman. Case in point: transgender men and nonbinary people.

Consider menstruation to be a "worldly" issue instead of viewing it as a "womanly" issue!

We hope that this new Be Me blog was able to clear some air about periods. Until the next blog, Be You with Be Me, okay?