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Project Aparajita


At Be Me, it's our mission to ensure everyone, regardless of their financial background, has access to menstrual hygiene.

Introducing: Project Aparajita.

The name is inspired by its meaning, the one who can't be defeated, our initiative aims at helping and supporting women get access to good quality period essentials.

The truth is that millions of women in India do not have access to basic hygiene necessities. This truth spans various age groups, from adolescents who have recently embarked upon their menstrual journey to new mothers and elderly women. Many women suffer serious life-threatening diseases and disorders due to the lack of basic period care.

Through the constant distribution of sanitary pads and a well-planned drive throughout Rajasthan, Be Me has enabled access to feminine hygiene throughout the state. We strive to do our bit for society and as a brand, it’s our duty to take care of the women in our society. Everyone deserves access to menstrual hygiene and it’s our responsibility to ensure the same.