5 Reasons to Switch to Biodegradable Sanitary Pads NOW

Remember how, in the last Be Me blog, we dove deep into the world of plastic sanitary pads?

Today's Be Me blog is about the exact opposite topic: biodegradable sanitary pads...like Be Me sanitary pads, to put things into perspective.

Read more and learn why integrating biodegradable sanitary pads into your monthly flow could be a huge blessing for your well-being and the environment.


They're eco-friendly

The crux of the matter is: products made from natural and raw materials are much healthier options. For instance, Be Me sanitary pads are made from organic cotton, corn, and bamboo fibers which instantly makes them a safer alternative.

Bamboo also grows speedily, which means that when we use it to make our sanitary pads, we're not causing any deforestation.


They're plastic-free

The problem is that plastic, as a manufacturing material, is too accessible. That's why every mainstream female menstrual hygiene brand makes abundant use of it.

But not the brands which care deeply for the environment.

Plastic takes AGES to decompose. And, no. We're not exaggerating here. It really does!

As for biodegradable period pads from Be Me, they decompose faster in the right compost environment.

They're skin-friendly

They're skin-friendly

Not to brag but Be Me sanitary pads are not only skin-friendly but they're also rash-free, scent-free, and chlorine-free!

If women of our country continue to use regular sanitary pads, these period products may prove to be hazardous for their reproductive health in the long run.


They maintain your pH level

The concept is simple: synthetic pads not only cause diseases and infection but they also come in direct contact with your vaginal skin, which in itself sounds incredibly dangerous.

However, biodegradable sanitary napkins maintain a pH level that tends to reduce the risk of fungal and bacterial infection down there.

If you were confused about which pads to choose earlier, we guess that you know which type of sanitary napkins will work best for you now.


They're medically-approved

More and more gynecologists across India are recommending that their patients shift to eco-friendly sanitary napkins to safeguard their health, hygiene, and well-being.

We could give you more reasons to switch to biodegradable sanitary pads but we feel that five of the reasons mentioned above are enough to jolt you into action.

The conclusion is that eco-friendly and biodegradable sanitary pads are the future of the global menstrual hygiene industry. Let's take the necessary steps to normalize the use of non-plastic sanitary pads. Let's be ourselves with Be Me Woman.