DON'T SAY THESE THINGS To People On Their Periods!

Since the beginning of time, women have been SHAMED for having their period. Every month, they are ridiculed over them, mocked for them, and made to feel like their feelings are invalid.

Whether it’s at home at the hands of elders or in a workplace because of ignorant employees – the situation is oddly similar.

But why is that? Why is the most normal and natural bodily phenomenon looked at with such disdain?

The truth is, we, as a society have been conditioned to fear the unfamiliar since our childhood and when we are, we tend to talk about it in a displeasing manner.

And today’s Be Me blog is shedding light on the most problematic statements that women have had to hear when their monthly flow has arrived – innocently, a little untimely, and definitely bloodily!

1. “Are you moody because you’re on your period?”


Well, we are moody because our hormones are all over the place. Now, we’re moodier because you decided to bring up our moodiness. The end. Topic discussed. Period (all pun intended).

2. “Can you bleed out to death on your period?”


Umm, this is a great question if it comes from a teenager who was recently familiarized with the concept of menstruation but not from a fully grown man or a tech-savvy boy who could just as easily Google what it’s like to have a period.

3. “Wow! You really don’t shy away from junk food when you’re on your period, right?”


And, what’s wrong with that?

4. “Does it hurt?”


No, not at all. In fact, we thoroughly enjoy waking up in a pool of our own blood when our period has just begun and we certainly relish the nauseating cramps.

5. “You always look so tired on your period.”


Fatigue is highly common due to constant blood loss during menses. So, it’s natural to crave a nap during those days, thank you very much!

By repeating the tone-deaf statements that women have to hear on their period, we’d like to recentre the narrative surrounding period bashing. So, the next time you hear any of the above statements, we want you to be unapologetically yourself and tell them that their narrow-minded thinking is not welcome or appreciated.