MOMS! These 5 Menstrual Hygiene Tips Are for Your Teenage Daughter

This Be Me blog is extra special. How, you wonder? Because on the wonderful occasion of Mother's Day, we're dedicating it to all the moms out there whose daughters are about to begin menstruating! Here's where you can understand how to provide unconditional love and support to your teenage daughter as she navigates this new phase of her life.


1. Have THE talk beforehand

This is a critical step to take. Perhaps your daughter already feels uncertain about the whole thing, or she already knows what is going to happen every month or it's also possible that she's completely clueless about this beautiful biological process.

Either way, sit down with her and reassure her that everything is going to be alright.

Help her put on her first Be Me sanitary pad and explain that using unscented menstrual products is the best route if she wishes to care for her reproductive parts for the rest of her life.

Entertain any questions she has and answer them without judgment or reluctance.

Can't imagine what it may feel like to talk to your daughter about periods? Here's a snippet that Team Be Me has created just for you.


2. Care for her

This goes without saying, right? Cater to her minor discomforts by offering her food, a hot water bag, and even ice cream to cheer her up.

Little actions like these will mold her experience of her first period properly and gently.

And sometimes, simply being there for her and savoring this milestone can also make a big difference.

If caring for her also means giving her space so that she can absorb everything that's going on, then so be it.


3. Keep it light

Don't dramatize this new and special phase for your daughter. Treat her first period as if it were just another change that her body is going through. Because we feel that there's a balance to be found for mothers when it comes to approaching the topic of periods both sensitively and smartly.

Share your first-period story and don't make menstruation into this "gruesome bath of redness".

Oh, and under no circumstances should you tell the world that your daughter has "become a woman". This momentous occasion ought to stay between mother and daughter since it might be highly sacred.

When it comes to dramatizing, we also recommend discouraging your daughter to stop any physical activity or sports altogether.

An alternative is to tell her that a period in her life may take some getting used to but once that happens, everything will be back to normal.


4. Involve your family

To reiterate, we're not saying that you scream from the rooftop that your daughter is finally menstruating. Instead, normalize your daughter getting her period and cultivate an atmosphere that makes her feel celebrated instead of ashamed.

Encourage your other family members, regardless of their gender, to reassure your daughter that everything will be alright and that any physical changes such as body weight and acne are completely normal.

She may not realize this now but this type of body positivity is exactly what she needs in this phase.


5. Gift her something to remember this day by

It could be a first period-kit, a day off from school, or a cute and cozy lunch date with you. A tight hug at this point would also do.

This activity aims to cherish her for she is leaving behind one life phase and stepping into a completely different one.

While you're busy educating her with love and care, you could also gift her Combo packs from Be Me. They include all three sizes of sanitary pads, which she may require during her first cycle.

We hope that you found this Be Me blog to be a wholesome read. Slide into our Instagram DMs and let us know if you're a mom and if you found our suggestions helpful.