Be Me Packaging Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving.

If you are also annoyed by the plastic packaging of your sanitary pads, welcome to the club! We are officially done with wasteful packaging of menstrual products too.

The glue from an average sanitary pad is quick to come off when it lives in your handbag or backpack and finding the pad is a task when it gets lost in a sea of other belongings.

To eradicate all of these little problems – we have a BIG solution that comes in a small package.

All our sanitary pads are packaged in individual paper pouches.

With this decision, we believe that we are headed towards a greener and more sustainable future for female hygiene products.

So, here are six reasons why Be Me sanitary pad pouches will change the game for period packaging.

1. It’s discreet.


The packaging is not inconspicuous or flashy.

Our sanitary pads are packaged separately in pouches that neither hide the fact that you’re on your period nor scream to the world-“HEY I JUST GOT MY PERIOD!”

It's the perfect balance between practical and pretty.

Speaking of ‘pretty’, our next point is that…

2. It’s cute!


We’d like to unapologetically state that our period packaging is adorable and would make for an aesthetically-pleasing gift in a hamper for a friend or a life-saving offering for a co-worker in dire need of it!

Just whip it out and voila! Pleasing for the eyes and your uterus.

3. It’s biodegradable.


Once discarded, our pad pouches will not pollute the soil and decompose faster than the average period packaging.

We’re also ISO 14001-2015-certified (the highest certification there is). So you can be assured that your discarded period pouch will not contribute to more plastic pollution.

4. It’s sealable.


The fact that you can place your used Be Me pad inside the pouch and seal it to throw away is as convenient as it sounds.

Just look for the sticker that instructs you to seal it and you’ll be sorted.

5. It conceals odour.


Ever felt embarrassed about the signature period odour that is radiated when you discard your sanitary pad in a newspaper?

We hear you. That’s why our pouches reduce the odour and mess that is usually associated with pads wrapped in newspapers or the regular sanitary wrapper that comes with most sanitary pads.

6. It’s travel friendly.


First, imagine going on a short vacation and having to carry an entire box of pads with you!

Then, imagine having to carry only 4-5 pads because the packaging allows you to do so.

Yep, our Be Me period pouches are handy enough to be packed into a bag or suitcase. And, they definitely won’t get lost in there.

Our packaging has a lot of perks. However, it’s primarily climate-friendly and sustainable so that you can be yourself unapologetically and go to bed knowing that you did your bit for the planet.