5 MOST Loved Instagram Posts by Women of Be Me

Dear Women of Be Me,

If you regularly anticipate an Instagram post from Team Be Me, THANK YOU.

If you take a tiny second to double tap that Instagram post, a BIG THANK YOU.

And, if you tend to feel educated, entertained or both from the content/visuals of our Instagram posts, then the BIGGEST thank you.

It takes us a considerable amount of time to ideate, write and design each Instagram post and we do it all for YOU! So, we’d like to express our gratitude for sticking around on our favourite social media platform.

To celebrate every post that goes live on our Instagram and to acknowledge the presence of our 4000+ followers, we’d like to list 5 Instagram posts that you all have showered with LOVE…and likes, of course!

Period Superstitions


We were amused by your interest in the most unusual period superstitions but at the same time, we applauded your curiosity!

A Sore Vagina


We understand that our Instagram audience is a mix of young adults and middle-aged women of Be Me so we were delighted to learn that you all wanted to know exactly WHY your vagina felt sore after an otherwise physically-gratifying experience.

THE G-Spot


We wrote this post to decode exactly what the elusive G-spot is. Here’s hoping you sent it to your partner too! *wink wink*

Oscar nominations – Period edition


This one cracked us up too! As the Oscars 2023 ceremony comes nearer, we’d love to announce the Be Me winners too!

Sexuality & ageing


So, what exactly is the relation between sexuality and ageing? This Instagram post by Be Me explained that and more.

There you have it. We truly enjoyed counting down some memorable content from Be Me’s Instagram page. DM us if you’d like to read more blogs like this.