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Mid Brief
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A comfy, mid-brief made from organic fabric, with full bottom coverage and a high-cut leg. This style is built to handle your heavy days.


This fits true to size, so we recommend ordering your usual size. Our absorbent core provides maximum back coverage.

Designed for moderate to heavy flow days, this garment offers exceptional leak protection with a cozy, ideal for comfortable lounging.

how it works?

Be Me period panty has a four-layer absorbent core that soaks up a full day's period blood. Its thicker absorption layer and larger absorbent area prevent leaks through the seams, and the top-wicking layer keeps you dry.

premium design. comfortable fit.

Discover unparalleled elegance: ultra-thin, supremely dry, and comfortable panties designed for all-day use.


4 layered
absorbent core


reusable and replaces hundreds of pads,
tampons, and liners


worry-free backup to
pads, tampons, or liners


usable upto 2* years or
150 washes

care guide

get the most out of your panty

beme-Product-wash beme-Product-rinse beme-Product-coldwash beme-Product-dry


Wash your Be Me before the first wear. This will activate the technology in the lining for maximum absorbency.



After use, rinse it in cold water to avoid staining. Just rinse until the water runs clear. Then, gently squeeze it to remove excess water.


cold wash

Either hand wash with mild detergent or do laundry. To protect Be Me Wear's absorbent core technology, skip the fabric softener and bleach.


hang dry

Once your Be Me Wear is clean, hang it to dry. Do not use dry cleaning and do not iron.

Reuse. Repeat.

do good every wear


Be Me is committed to social and environmental excellence, the fabric used is GOTS certified for maintenance of the highest standards of organic textile.

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How does Be Me period panty work?

Be Me period panties absorb your flow, blocks out odour, wicks moisture, and prevents leaks — so you feel fresh, dry, and comfortable! The period-absorbing panty is washable and reusable — providing a more sustainable alternative to single-use disposable products.

Is wearing Be Me safe?

Yes, wearing Be Me period panties is safe. The commitment to health and safety is paramount, ensuring that their products are free from harmful chemicals. This commitment to safety encompasses every stage of the product's life cycle, including material selection, design, production, and the choice of suppliers. Be Me places a high value on the quality and safety of the materials used, always prioritising the comfort and well-being of the user in their product design and manufacturing processes.

What is the difference in absorbency levels?

Period panties come in various absorbency levels, from moderate to super, catering to every phase of your flow. While moderate absorbency styles can serve as dependable backups to traditional methods like pads, tampons, or cups on heavier days, they also boast superior absorbency compared to disposables. The heavy and super options provide ample coverage, potentially serving as complete alternatives to other period products, especially suitable for overnight use. This flexibility ensures you can customise your menstrual care without the need to outright replace your preferred methods.

Are Be Me panties reusable?

Yes, Be Me panties are designed for reusability. Crafted with durability and sustainability in mind, these panties allow for multiple washes and wears, embodying an eco-friendly approach to menstrual care.

How to wash Period panties?

Be Me period panties are super easy to care for. Hand wash the period panties in cold water before first wear and after each use. Don't use fabric softener and bleach. Hang dry to keep your panties at maximum performance. Do not iron.

How many period panties do i need?

We recommend starting with 3-5 pairs, so you’re covered for your entire period without having to do extra laundry.

How long can you wear period panty?

The period panties are designed for all day wear, much like regular underwear. Choose appropriate absorbency level for optimal comfort. However, prioritising hygiene is paramount. Change them whenever you perceive a feeling of moisture or discomfort.

Can I return or exchange my Be Me period panties?

To exchange an item, you can go through our returns and exchange policy.

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